Rebels with a Cause

From the Alberta Labour History Institute: In the voices of participants, this video documents the history of the United Nurses of Alberta from its founding in 1977 to the turn of the 21st century. That includes the series of strikes from 1977 to 1988 that empowered Alberta nurses both as professionals and workers. That empowerment led nurses to take a leading role in the struggle against the privatization of health care in the 1990s and in favour of strengthening the public system.

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PRC Management in DMS

This module covers how to do the following in UNA’s Data Management System (DMS):

  • Adding & removing PRC management access
  • Locating PRC records
  • Approving & rejecting electronically-submitted PRCFs
  • Entering paper PRCFs into DMS
  • Editing/updating PRCFs
  • Manager Response Forms
  • Managing PRCFs such as identifying the stage in the PRC process
  • Closing PRC records
  • Documenting PRC Committee meetings & creating agendas

Only Local Executives are able to grant or revoke PRC management access in DMS. To have access to the above DMS functions, PRC Committee members who are not Local Execs must be granted access by their Local Executive.

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Approving Expenses, LOAs & Payments

In this module, learn where to view locally funded submissions for Union Leaves of Absence (LOAs) & locally funded Expense Claims in order to process payments to members for events, meetings, & other expenses. Additionally, learn about the Accounts Payable system & how to issue cheques via mail to vendors & other payees. Click a lesson below to get started.

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Robert’s Rules

Learn the basic components of Robert’s Rules (or parliamentary procedure), such as making a motion, amending a motion, & ending debate. Click on a lesson below to get started & make sure you take the final quiz.

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