Filling out a PRCF

  • Fill out a Professional Responsibility Concern Form (PRCF) as soon as possible, provide as much detail as possible about the incident or issue including recommendations to resolve the issue, and do not use the names of patients/residents/clients on the form. 
  • You can fill out a paper PRCF or you may fill out the PRCF electronically on the UNA app (available for iOS and Android) and online at 
    • Paper PRCF: provide a copy to your Local, your Manager, and keep a copy for yourself. 
    • Electronic PRCF: enter your Manager’s email address to ensure they get a copy. 
  • If the PRC remains unresolved after discussing it with your Manager, the PRCF will be discussed at the joint UNA/Employer Professional Responsibility Concern Committee (PRCC) for your site/workplace. 
  • After submitting the PRCF to your Local, be prepared to stay involved. Your Local PRCC representatives may call or email you to gather more information, invite you to a PRCC meeting to speak to the issue you identified, share the Employer response to your PRCF, and discuss potential resolutions.
  • UNA has the right to advance unresolved PRCs to the Employer CEO, an external Independent Assessment Committee, and the Employer Governing Board, if necessary.