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Online Tutorials

PRC Form & DMS Updates Presentation

Access the recording and slideshow from the PRC Form and DMS updates presentation at the June 2022 District meetings.

Rebels with a Cause

Watch the "Rebels with a Cause" video from AGM 2021.

Devonshire Care Centre Strike

Learn about UNA's two-week strike at Devonshire Care Centre in Edmonton that started on New Year's Eve, 2012.

PRC Management in DMS

Learn how to access, enter, modify, & close PRCs in DMS as well as how to document & track PRC Committee meetings.

Dispute Resolution Process

Learn about the initial problem-solving stage of our dispute resolution processes.

Duty to Accommodate

Learn about the principles of Duty to Accommodate.

Best Practice in PRC Joint Presentations

Creating a Better Future: watch the joint Employer/UNA best practice in PRC information sessions.

Approving Expenses, LOAs & Payments

Learn how to approve Expense Claims & Union LOA requests as well as how to make payments using Accounts Payable

Expense Claims & LOA Requests

Learn how to request Union LOAs & submit for payment for UNA events, meetings & other expenses.

Robert’s Rules

Learn the basic components of Robert's Rules (or parliamentary procedure).

New Duespayers & Members

Learn about new employee orientation & processing membership applications

Local Meetings

Learn about planning & running Local meetings, including chairing & taking notes.

Presenting on Zoom

Learn about using Keynote on Zoom, sharing your screen, & presentation best practices.

UNA’s Structure

Learn about UNA's structure & organization chart.



UNA offers in-person & virtual workshops. Members are funded to attend based on workshop type. Click here for workshop types, descriptions, & funding info. Check out the UNA events calendar (public), or register for workshops in UNA’s Data Management System (DMS) under “Events.”

  • Local Roles & Responsibilities Document
  • Local Planning Calendar
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